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Beijing Nightlife

Chinese Acrobatics

September 26, 2013
Chinese AcrobaticsChinese acrobatic show refers to performance of extraordinary feats in balance, agility and motor coordination. It can be found in most of the performing arts, and in many sports. Chinese acrobatic show is often associated with activities that make extensive use of gymnastic skills, such as circus, and gymnastics, while other athletic activities, like martial arts, ballet and diving, may also employ elements of acrobatics. Items in Chinese acrobatic show include the universally recognized Lion Dance, oral stunts, pagoda of bowls, juggling, wire walking etc.

As one of the traditional art forms, Chinese acrobatic show has long been popular among the Chinese people for more than 2,000 years. As early as the Warring States (476B.C.-221B.C.), there appeared rudiments of acrobatics. By the time of Han Dynasty, Chinese acrobatic show further developed both in content and form and there appeared superb performances with music accompaniment on the stage, such as pole climbing, role walking, and five tables, etc. In Tang Dynasty, the number of acrobats greatly increased and their performing skills gained much improvement. In Dunhuang Mural Paintings, there are images of Chinese acrobatic show. The ancient acrobatics came from peoples daily life and labor. Tools like tridents and wicker and utilities like tables, chairs and bowl were widely used in performances. At festivals, people often performed flying trident, balance on chair, jar tricks, hoop diving, lion dance at the market places or in the street. In the long course of development, Chinese acrobatic show has formed its own style. For example, it pays much attention to the training of actors waist, leg and head skills.

The balance and stability are paid much attention while pulling off dangerous stunts in Chinese acrobatic show. The modern acrobatics aim at creating graceful stage images, harmonious musical accompaniment, and good supporting effects, props and lighting. In the past 50 years, many Chinese acrobatic troupes have visited more than one hundred countries and regions around the world and won dozens of prizes in the International acrobatic festivals and championships. As a metropolis, Shanghai is an ideal place to enjoy Chinese acrobatic show. Shanghai Acrobatic Troupe boasts as China’s top performance troupe. It is famous for its excellent skills, dare-devil performance and the harmonious combination of various kinds of performing arts. So do not miss the chance to watch the Chinese acrobatic show while you are in Shanghai. It will be worth your while and blow your mind!

1 Day Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace Bus Tour

March 29, 2013
Beijing Acrobatics Show is very famous around the world, and has become one of the attractive night shows that you should not miss. Beside night show, the day time in Beijing could you spend with join this day trip include this tour below:
1 Day Bus Tour: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace
1 Day Bus Tour: Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven & Summer PalacePrice From: US$ 30( 192 CNY )
Departure: Daily
Tour Duration: about 8 hours include lunch
Pick-up place and time: Your Downtown Hotel between 7:00am and 8:30am
Finishing place and time: Your Downtown Hotel around 6:00pm
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English
Feature: One day group tour to Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace, the most famous spots in Beijing also offer a great chance to make friends during the short journey.

Traveler’s review:

How majestic! As a capital city, Beijing still keeps its imperial culture of ancient time, and most reflects on the architecture. Forbidden City is the imperial palace but always crowded with visitors, Temple of Heaven is the imperial sacrificial complex but too bleaker, and I most like the Summer Palace which was the imperial garden, full of leisure atmosphere. Different the dry Beijing, it built with large-scale water, very beautiful and comfortable!

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Night Tour: Peking Duck Dinner, Acrobatics Show

March 18, 2013
Chinese Acrobatic Show which famous among tourists can be watch with our tour below. Here some tour detail and traveler review that you can see:
Night Tour: Peking Duck Dinner, Acrobatics Show

Night Tour: Peking Duck Dinner, Acrobatics Show
Price From: US$ 47( 295 CNY )
Inclusion: Roundtrip hotel transfers, Chinese Dinner, admission to the Acrobatics Show
Departure: Daily
Tour Duration: about 4 hours
Show starts at 5:00pm Show finishes at 9:00pm
Pick-up point and time: Your Hotel between 4:30pm and 5:10pm
Finish point and time: Your Hotel about 9:30pm
Payment Types: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English, other language speaking guide (French, Japanese, Spanish etc.) is available, if need, please contact us!
Feature: Peking duck dinner is the representation of Chinese cuisine, and enjoy the famous Chinese Acrobatics Show - one of the treasures of Chinese culture.
Travelers’ review:
Peking duck is the most famous food of Beijing and this time I had the chance to have a taste of it. Crisp but not greasy, delicious beyond my expectation! Whats more, the dinner also told me three methods of eating the duck and a lot about the cuisine culture. After dinner we went to see the excellent acrobatics show. Quick air leap made me feel breathtaking and the memory will last long. This is really a great short night journey in Beijing and I will recommend it to all of my friends.

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Riding Bike to Great Wall

March 08, 2013
Chinese acrobatic show is popular in foreign tourists, it is a good show at night of Beijing, but the day time is also the great chance to visit the typical spots of Beijing.
Badaling Great Wall
1 Day Tour: Great Wall Bike Tour
Price From: US$ 74( 470 CNY )
Departure: Daily
Ride time: 2-3 Hours
Pick-up place & time: Your city center hotel around 8:00am
Finish place & time: Your city center hotel around 5:00pm
Tour Guide Language: English, other language speaking guide (French, Japanese, Spanish etc.) is available, if need, please contact us!
Payment Method: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Feature: This private 1 day Great Wall Bike Tour with private tour guide and bike service, hotel transfer service is offered by Beijing based credible tour agency.
Review of tourists who had enjoyed this tour:
The tour was so great and memorable! I explored the Great Wall by ride the bike for about 30 minutes from the village near the Wall. The Wall and villages view was so stunning! Wonderful! Tour guide was very nice to us! Well organized tour! The lunch which consisted of traditional Chinese food was also very good. It become my new experience for biking and enjoyed the Walls view! Very recommended tour!

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Wonderful Night in Beijing

February 19, 2013
Would you like to enjoy the wonderful Beijing night? We have lots of arrangements for your night tour, including the dinner and shows.
Peking Roast DuckIf you like the catering of Beijing, you cannot miss the Peking Roast Duck which is the symbol of Beijing cuisine, especially the Quan Ju De. Quanjude Roast Duck has long history and famous in home and abroad, is made by antique progress that hanging furnace and firing fruit tree, and maturing the duck for about 45 minutes. The characters of the finished product are the skin of roast duck is crisp, the meat is tender. With the elegant faint scent of fruit tree, the roast duck has abundant body and appear Bordeaux in the body of roast duck. With some supporting food such as lotus leaf cakes, green onion and sauce, you can enjoy the delicacy. Scented but not greasy is the most attractive feature. The roast duck has so delicious taste because it has several reasons. First, it has good quality raw material which is Beijing force-feed duck; second is the advanced facility. Every duck is selected carefully and rigorously, which ensures the quality of Quanjude Roast Duck very well. The duck has lower carbohydrate, but enjoy with supporting food is much more delicious and carbohydrate.
Acrobatic ShowChinese acrobatic show is so famous in the world that many groups of acrobatics go to abroad and perform to foreigners, and it gets more and more praises from foreign countries. The history of Chinese acrobatic show in China can be traced back to Neolithic times. It is believed that acrobatics grew out of the labor and self-defense skills that the people practiced and demonstrated during their leisure time. Chinese acrobatic show is the performance focuses on strength and skills, which demand everyone should exercise everyday to keep these skills very well and do not lose the strength. With the development of China, acrobatic becomes a kind of art gradually, and presented along the Silk Road. With long history, acrobatic had been accepted by most people, and becomes the interactive art which attracts amounts of audience in European, American, etc. When you watch a Chinese acrobatic show, you are strongly impacted both mentally and physically, and you may be moved by their spirit deeply.
Related Routes:
Night Tour: Peking Duck Dinner, Peking Opera Show from US$ 47
4 Day Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel) from US$ 277/pax
5 Day Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel) from US$ 335/pax

Visual Feast - Chinese Acrobatics Show

January 15, 2013
Chinese acrobatic show
Night Show Bus Tour: Kung Fu Show from US$ 30
Night Show Bus Tour: Acrobatics Show from US$ 30
Night Show Bus Tour: Peking Opera Show from US$ 30
Night Tour: Peking Duck Dinner, Acrobatics Show  from US$ 47
Chinese acrobatics show is famous all over the world, and becomes one of the most welcomed performances in foreign countries. Including various skills and high-quality demands to body, Chinese acrobatics conquers many visitors in Beijing. Acrobatics is an interactive art form, no matter old or young, educated or illiterate, you can appreciate it as long as you can see. And the most important thing is there is no language barrier and cultural border. Just the performance through the limbs, you can understand what they are spreading to you. It is said that Chinese acrobatics has history of more than 2,000 years, inherits the most essential parts of acrobatics now. During so many highlights in Chinese acrobatics show, the group bicycling show is also a favorite with the ten cycling girls finally all ending up on a bicycle with their fans spread out like a peacock, from distance, a blooming flower is closing to you. No matter which kind of acrobatics, you must say it is visual feast for everyone there. Thats why recommends acrobatic shows as part of your night tour when you travel to Beijing where outstanding performances are presented.

3 Day Beijing Tour Package A (with hotel)

December 07, 2012
In the evening of first day of this 3 days Beijing tour package, you have good chance to view the Chinese Acrobatic Show firstly.
Day 1: Entry Beijing
Our guide will meet you at Beijing Airport, and transfer to the Hotel. Enjoy the Kongfu show (or Acrobatics show or Peking Opera show) in the evening.
Badaling Great WallDay 2: Beijing (B, L, D)
1. Pick you up from hotel on departure time, then drive to the famous Badaling Great Wall. After the tour, you will have a short visit of Jade Carving Factory or pearl free market.
Badaling Great Wall: The most famous and best-preserved section of the Great Wall.
2. After lunch, visit the largest and most beautiful Chinese imperial garden- Summer Palace.
- Summer Palace: The largest and most well-preserved royal park in China, greatly influences Chinese horticulture.
3. Then drive to the Olympic Stadium, you have 45 minutes to take pictures at the Birds Nest and Water Cube. If you are interested in the inner structure of the stadiums, the tour guide will assist you in buying the tickets, and you could enter in the stadiums for a visit yourself.
4. After the tour, we will enjoy a delicious Peking Duck dinner in famous Quanjude restaurant. Transfer you back to your hotel after the whole day tour.
Forbidden CityDay 3: Beijing (B, L)
1. Visit Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City (including the Exhibition of Treasures). Then you will have a chance to enjoy the Chinese traditional Silk arts or Chinese traditional medicine culture. Ended of this tour, transfer you to airport and see off.
Tiananmen Square: The largest public square in the world with a total area of 440,000 square meters.
Forbidden City: The best preserved imperial palace in China and the largest ancient palatial structure in the world.

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Night Show Bus Tour: Acrobatics Show

November 27, 2012
Chinese Acrobatics ShowInclusion: Roundtrip hotel transfers, admission to the acrobatics show;
Departure: Daily;
Tour Duration: about. 3.5 hours;
Show starts at 7:30p.m.;
Show finishes at 8:50p.m.;
Pick-up point and time: Your Hotel about 6:00p.m.;
Finish point and time: Your Hotel about 9:30p.m.;
Payment Types: Cash, Credit Cards, Wire, Western Union
Tour Guide Language: English!
Feature: The Acrobatics Show is treasure of Chinese culture. And the tourists could learn more about China during enjoying this performance.

Amazing acrobatics show. Everything and more you would expect from this show. I especially liked the “Hercules”, “7-bike riders in a steel circle” and “acrobats in a single bike” acts. Don’t want to provide any spoilers, just go and see it. If you are an acrobatics lover, I recommend this show to you. We do love this Beijing tour.

If you are interested in this tour route, please enter Detail Itinerary to know more about this tour!

Chinese Acrobatics Show NightTour

October 29, 2012
Beijing Acrobatic ShowIf you don’t have any plan at night during your holiday, then we will recommend the night show tour with us. With our tour, visitors can enjoy the acrobatic show in Beijing. Chinese Acrobatic Show is become popular around the world. It will bring the dangerous actions that can be finished by the performer greatly. Chinese Acrobatic Show is a favorite form of art among the people and all over the world with a long history. If you have some spare time, Chinese Acrobatic Show will be your ideal choice. The tourists can directly visit our website for more details and get the online reservation there.
First our tour guide will pick you up at hotel on time and will transfer you to watch the show. We also provide the Peking Duck dinner if you want during the tour. Peking duck is the representation of Chinese cuisine. Tourists also can try this Beijing traditional cuisine during our tour. After that, we can watch the famous Chinese Acrobatic Show. Chinese Acrobatic Show will perform the exciting acts including the juggling of large porcelain urns, martial arts, balancing of bowls, umbrellas or stacked chairs, rope walking, pole climbing, roller skating, plate swirling, and many other attractions. Chinese acrobatic Show also will give more attention to the music. Good music can relax the actor’s emotion and make the performance more live. The visitors are no allowed to take pictures during the show.
Everyone around the world knows that Chinese Acrobatic Show is very great show and need a great skill to finish all the dangerous actions. The performer was trained from 6 to 7 years old to perform in front of the audience and should finish all the actions well. If you watch this Chinese Acrobatic Show, you will never forget and regret to watch this show. This Chinese Acrobatic Show is also very entertained and will bring visitors great time after watch the show.
This Chinese Acrobatic Show will perform about one and half hour. Our tour guide will accompany you during the tour until you find the seat and feel very enjoy to watch the show. After finished the tour, our tour guide will transfer you back to hotel at 9:30 pm. With our tour, your holiday will become more comfortable and easier. Don’t miss this show when you in Beijing. Welcome to Beijing and hope you enjoy your holiday. Have a nice day.

Chinese Acrobatics Show

September 28, 2012
Chinese Acrobatic ShowIf you have some spare time during the night in you Beijing tour, Chinese Acrobatic Show will be one of your choices. Lots of local people and foreigners who visit Beijing have an interesting for explore this Chinese Acrobatic Show. One of the theatres will perform this Chinese acrobatic show is Chaoyang Theatre. If you want to see Chinese Acrobatic Show, the visitors are able to book our Night Show directly in the website.

In Chinese Acrobatic Show, there has a lot of exciting acts will perform by the children who are selected to be trained as a performers from young ages. The performer must begin from the basic skill training when they are only 6 or 7 years old. At Chinese Acrobatic Show, they will perform the dangerous actions perfectly and at the end they finished it very well. The exciting acts will perform are the juggling of large porcelain urns, martial arts, balancing of bowls, umbrellas or stacked chairs, rope walking, pole climbing, roller skating, plate swirling, and many other attractions will perform on the show. Chinese acrobatic Show pays more attention to the music. Good music can relax the actor’s emotion and make the performance more live.

During the show, you will be very shock sit in front of the stage, the performance are too dangerous and need the special skills to finished all of the actions. The visitors who come to that the show will think that show is very entertained, and they are very happy they had a great time for watch the show. The visitors do not allowed take some pictures during the show.

For only 30 USD or 192 RMB you can watch this great performance, the famous Chinese Acrobatic Show. The tour agency will help you arrange the ticket and pick you up at hotel by bus. If you want the convenient way to see this Chinese Acrobatic Show, you able to book our night tour acrobatic show during holiday. The show will perform in every night for about one and half hours, during the show you will be strongly attracted. You will not feel disappointed after watching Chinese Acrobatic Show. Beijing Acrobatic Show should not be missed when you visiting Beijing. After the show you will be transfer back to your hotel. There also lots of other tour package that can become your choices during your time in Beijing. Hope you enjoy the holiday!